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Mentorship Matters: How to Find a Mentor for Your Child

We would like everyone to welcome Floyd Johnson, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater High Point’s new President & CEO! Floyd joined us officially on August 19th after a four year stint as CEO at the Boys & Girls Clubs in North Central North Carolina.

As a child, who were the adults you looked up to the most? Was it the coach who trained with you every day to make the varsity sports team? Or the teacher who made Shakespeare so fascinating you got the courage to audition for the school play? 

Winning over young people is no easy feat, but certain adults have a talent for not only connecting with youth but motivating them to achieve great things. They’re called mentors, and they can make all the difference in a young person’s journey through adolescence.

Youth mentors offer support that goes beyond what friends and family can provide. They’re a listening ear, a cheering squad, a nudge in a new direction. Above all, mentors are there for young people in both good and bad times, helping them to recognize their worth and use their voice.

Finding the right mentor can be challenging, but with over 160 years of youth development experience, Boys & Girls Clubs can help parents and caregivers understand why mentoring is important for youth and how to find the perfect match.

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The Benefits of Mentoring Youth

Let’s start with a definition: a youth mentor is a caring adult who kids can rely on for guidance and support to get where they want to go in life. Ideally, a youth mentor has youth development experience or a history of working directly with young people.

Guidance from a mentor can help girls flourish in male-dominated STEM spaces, give young artists and creators more exposure, help kids talk through how to handle bullying, and amplify young voices on issues they care about — just to name a few possibilities. 

Mentors also go beyond role models, who may be a kid’s favorite celebrity or YouTube influencer, by spending time getting to know youth on a personal level through regular interactions. However, an effective youth mentor does more than share their own success story; they help young people discover what being successful means to them and what it will take to achieve it. 

Every child can benefit from having a mentor and the impact of mentoring on youth speaks for itself. 

A 2023 national survey from Boys & Girls Clubs of America found that most youth who attend a Boys & Girls Club say adults at their Club care about them and take the time to talk to them.1


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